Scott Kinabalu Supertrac Review

Scott Kinabalu Supertrac

The Scott kinabalu Supertrac is Scotts latest trail running shoe for really muddy and boggy conditions and boy does it perform well in these conditions.

The shoe features an incredible amount of grip thanks to its deep and aggressive tread pattern that cuts through the deepest of mud and grips like a limpit.

Featuring Scotts eRide rockered midsole the shoe creates a very stable midstance that helps to promote a faster and more efficient running style.

What I like

  • Grip: To say the Scott Kinabalu Supertrac is a beast out on the trails is an understatement. The aggressive deep lugged sole provides incredible levels of grip no matter what the conditions.
  • Cushioning: The cushioning is great on the Supertracs. The midesole is very supportive thanks to its AeroFoam+ construction whilst the tongue and heel provide a nice level of comfort out on the trails
  • Durability: I’ve completed 3 ultra marathons which includes 2 at 100 miles and 1 at 60 miles in these shoes as well as numerous training runs totalling roughly 450 miles in total and the uppers still look like new. Apart from an acceptable level of wear on the sole they are as good as new
  • eRide rockered midsole: I was sceptical of the benefits that Scott claimed the rockered midsole would give you but I can honestly say that it does seem to make you run in a more efficent, energy saving manner which is essential for long distance runs. In fact one of the guys I go running with even commented on how my style had become more efficient recently. The only thing I can think that I had changed was the Supertracs.

What I don’t like

  • Weight: If I have to be picky and pick something I don’t like it would be that the Supertracs are heavier than some other shoes out there, but this is to be expected given the amount of grip and cushioning they provide. It’s not very noticable when out on the trails so this is a minor gripe and  doesn’t distract from the overall performance.

Scott Kinablu Supertrac

Are these the shoes you are looking for?

There are a number of factors you need to take into account before deciding if these are the trail running shoes that will suit you.


The Scott Kinabalu can be picked up online for less than £100. Amazon currently have both the mens and womens in stock for £91 which for this shoe is incredible value for money. The quality of construction and the fact that they seem to be incredibly durable makes the Supertrac seem like better value for money than it’s competitors at the same price point.

Arch support and pronation control

This is a shoe for people with a neutral gait as are most trail shoes. The aero+foam insole does a good job of providing support and cushioning for your foot when out on the trails.


These shoes are out and out trail and mountain shoes. Although they do perform better than expected on tarmac this isn’t the terrain where these shoes excel.

If you are looking for a shoe that will stream roll through the worst conditions out on the trail then these are the shoes for you.


These shoes have been my shoe of choice since getting hold of a pair for everything from a short run around the local trails to 100 mile ultra marathons.

They are incredibly comfortable and well padded. The eRide system enables you to maintain an efficient, energy saving running style that will allow you to cover as many miles as you want on any trail and in any conditions.

They are on the heavy side but this additional weight isn’t very noticable when you are running and the stability, comfort grip and protection they offer more than makes up for this slight weight disadvantage.


So far so good in terms of durability. The sole is showing signs of wear but this is to be expected given that I’ve covered roughly 450 miles in them. Apart from that the uppers are in great condition with no obvious signs of wear.

They do seem be be a very durable shoe and are very well made. The build quality is excellent and there are no areas of concern so far.

Fit and sizing

The Scotts fit true to size unlike other shoes where you need to buy bigger. The toebox is very roomy yet your foot is kept securely in place.


The Scott Kinabula Supertrac came in at 373g for a UK size 8 making them on the heavy side but you hardly notice the extra weight when out on the trails. The other features and performance of this shoe more than make up for this extra weight.

When they are covered in mud and you have ran through some deep puddles all shoes weight much more than they do when dry so this extra weight is nothing to worry about really.

The cushioning and tank like protection and grip they give more than make up for a slight weight disadvantage.

Don’t let the weight put you off from trying this superb shoe.

Scott Kinabalu Supertrac

Heel height

The heel height of the Kinabalus is 27mm making it a pretty high profile shoe, although to be honest it doesn’t feel overly high once on.

It does give the shoe a fairly high profile similar to most well cushioned shoes but it does offer a lot of cushioning and underfoot protection inside the 27mm high heel.

Forefoot height

Coming in at 19mm the forefoot height of the Scott Kinabalus is another indication of the cushioning and protection offered by this shoe.

Heel to toe drop

The Scott Kanabalu Supertrac feature a heel to toe drop of 8mm, which is a popular choice for modern trail shoes and one that many manufacturers seem to be settling on currently.



Just look at that sole, it’s like a tractor tyre on the bottom of your shoe. I can’t emphasise enough that these shoes give you a phenomenal amount of grip.

They grip in soft and muddy conditions yet the  rubber compound is  soft and sticky so it also works well on slippery rocks and roots.

Scott have spaced out the lugs  enough so that they shed mud very well also.

Scott Kinabalu Supertrac Sole


Scott Kinabalu eRide


The Supertrac is a well made shoe and it just oozes quality. It makes other manufacturers shoes look shoddy in comparison.

The toe box on the Kinabalus is reinforced and is built to withstand serious contact with rocks and trail obstacles. There is a full wrap around protector that eliminates the weak point where the shoes bends when running and is a cause of rips and tears on other brands.

After 350 miles in them I’m pleased to say they are showing no signs of wear or tear in this area.

The toebox is nice and wide yet it still holds the front of your foot securely but doesn’t cause any hotspots.

The lace locker does a perfectly good job of keeping the laces out of the way and is a simple yet effective solution to flapping laces.

The heel of the Scott Kinabalu Supertrac is well padded and holds your heel securely in place so there is no risk of your foot slipping when out on the trails.

Scott Kinabalu Upper


The Scott Kinabalu Supertrac is a fantastic shoe. Scott have raised the bar with this design and it’s my current favourite by a long way,  I really cannot recommend this shoe enough; it really is that good.

The Supatrac is a very capable and dependable trail shoe that gives you confidence in any condition.

They are perfect long run shoes thanks to the cushioning and the eRide rockered outsole really does help you maintain a more efficient running style.

Durability seems good as well with my pair showing very little sign of wear apart from the sole, every after 350 miles.

If you are looking for a comfortable and durable trail running shoes with massive amounts of grip then this is the shoe for you.

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