Salomon Skin Pro 3 Set – Review

Salomon Skin Pro 3 Set

I entered the Man v Mountain trail race and was looking for a hydration pack that would allow me to carry enough fluids and allow me to carry the required kit without being too big and bulky. After much research the Salomon Skin Pro 3 Set looked perfect for my needs.

I bought and received the pack from Chain Reaction Cyclesand whilst setting it up for my frame I adjusted the shoulder straps as per the instructions using the velcro system. At the time I thought velco alone would not be enough to hold the straps tight but accepted that once the pack was in place with the twin link system it would be enough to hold the bag in place with no issues. After all the bag was from Salomon and had presumably been tested rigorously to ensure that it met the needs of the users. This obviously wasn’t the case.

During the event the pack was fine whilst we ran on country roads but once we hit the trails the velco fastening system was simply not secure enough to hold the weight of the pack and the shoulder straps kept coming loose causing me to need to stop to readjust and tighten again.

This simply isn’t acceptable on a pack that retails for £100 and is supposed to be designed with this use in mind. It is simply the worst product I have ever used and just doesn’t have the stability and security in the shoulder straps to met its usage requirements.

In the end I had to use one of the cords for the pole holders to fashion a makeshift fixture to hold the shoulder straps together. As mentioned previously this is just not acceptable in a product that retails for £100 and is a trail running specific hydration pack. I have attached pictures for your reference so you can see how I had to eventually secure the straps after it became clear the velco system was useless.

Not only was this a nuisance and frustrating but it also cost me valuable time in the race and cost me places in the final results.

I would like to return the product for a full refund. Please confirm that I can do this bearing in mind the pack has been used. It simply isn’t fit for purpose and I can’t emphasize enough how disappointed I am with this product from such a respected brand as Salomon.

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