Salomon Advanced Skin Hydro S-Lab 5 Set Review

Salomon Advanced Skin Hydro S-Lab 5 Set

The Breakdown

Salomon Advanced Skin Hydro S-Lab 5 Set is perfect for runners looking for something extremely light and minimal with plenty of storage capacity for long trail races or ultra marathons. Highly recommended!
Overall 9.0
  • It's incredibly comfortable to wear. You hardly notice it's there, even when fully loaded
  • It's very light at just 260g
  • It will hold all the mandatory kit for ultra marathons and more
  • You can organise your items so they are all at hand for when you need them
  • Apart from the price there really isn't much to dislike about the Salomon Advanced Skin Hydro S-Lab 5.
  • If you do want to use a bladder it's an extra £30



Hardmoors 55 Kit
The pack swallows up all the mandatory kit with ease

The Salomon S-Lab Advanced Skin Hydro 5 Set is a super light form-fitting vest that has 2 500ml soft flasks for your hydration needs and holds everything you need while out on the trails. Salomon has created a product that is all you will ever need in a race vest.

I use this pack anytime I’m running for more than a couple of hours and need to take water and extra kit with me. Its my race pack of choice and I use it for anything from a 26.2 mile trail marathon, all the way up to 100 mile ultras and so far it’s been perfect for everything.

Simply fill the pack up, put it on, adjust the front straps and go run. The S-Lab 5 does not move in use and just sits perfectly on your back with no movement and no rubbing.

Salomon Advanced Skin Hydro S-Lab 5 Set on Buckden Pike Trig Point
Buckden Pike Trig Point


In use, the Salomon Advanced Skin Hydro S-Lab 5 Set is incredibly comfortable to wear but it is important to get the correct size.

The mesh is comfortable on your back and it lets the pack breathe. Sweat build up is never an issue, even on the hottest days.

The pack feels great when you are running and once into a rhythm you completely forget it’s there until you need something.


The Salomon Advanced Skin Hydro S-Lab 5 Set weights just 269g and is 10% lighter than the previous model.

When you are carrying kit for 100 mile every extra gram counts and this pack weighs virtually nothing so it is perfectly suited to longer races.


Drinking is easy with the 2 soft flasks being within easy reach when you need them and there are enough pockets and storage compartments in the vest to store all your kit efficiently and logically making it easy to reach when you need it.

Without a proper zip closure on the main compartment and it being held together at the top with a clip it makes it very easy to reach inside whilst on the move with no need to stop and remove the pack from your back.


Thanks to its form fitting technology the Salomon Advanced Skin Hydro S-Lab 5 is incredibly stable when in use.

Once you have the chest straps adjusted correctly then there is very little bounce in the pack as you run.

Salomon Advanced Skin Hydro S-Lab 5 Set Technologies

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Salomon Advanced Skin Hydro S-Lab 5 Set Technologies

  • Whistle - Salomon trail packs are equiped with a whistle for safe trail that is easy to use even still attached to the bag not to lose it.
  • S-LAB - Salomon Laboratories have developed special products in response to the needs of some great athletes. This products are focused on certain features and are different from the rest of the collection.
  • 4D Pole holder - Instinctive, quick and easy access to your poles while running. Can be used also to fix your helmet. Ingeneered to be very easy to use in 4 steps:
    • 1- take the top strap out and put the top pole in.
    • 2- rotate the pole your back.
    • 3- place the bottom pole in the bottom strap.
  • 1 back compartment
  • Twin link - Light and easy custom adjustment system eliminates pressure points on the sternum area and increases breathing comfort.
  • Soft trims - No buckle, no straps, all the trims prevent chafing, friction for increase comfort.
  • Elastic Power mesh - Very stretch and breathable fabrics that adapts to body
  • Safety blanket included - Delivered with the bag as a key element of your safety. Increases pressure on the blader to improve waterflow.
  • Apparel sizing - Check the size of the teeshirt usually used and select the same advanced skin bag size.
  • 1 chest pocket
  • Reflective - Increased visibility then security.
  • Sensifit (pack) - Innovative construction using self adjustable fabrics, it conforms to the body for fit and stability, creating a bounce-free equipment while keeping comfortable breathing. Patent pending.
  • PVC, Bisphenol-A free - FDA approved polyurethane.
  • 1 zipped back pocket
  • Patent pending
  • 2 zipped side pocketsv
  • Soft flasks included *2 (500ml / 17oz) - New hydration solution with front access.
  • 4D Front soft hydration - Dedicated storage on the front side of the pack to get easy and quick hydration.
  • Blaster valve - A new engineered valve that blast water for quick and non-fatigue hydration. Higher flow, softer feeling in mouth, no leaking.
  • 1 back kangooroo pocket - Easy to access on the go, from right or left, to get any equipment.
  • 1 battery pocket - Quick access to the battery. Positioned on your back shoulder, without any pressure point, this elastic pocket is perfect to keep the battery you need for your headlamp perfectly stable and at the right place to reduce the length of cables.
  • 1 zipped mobile front pocket - Secured storage and quick access for what you need to keep close. Perfect to store your mobile.
  • 2 soft hydration elastic front pockets - Designed to fit 500ml soft flasks, the chest pockets maintain high stability, reduce bouncing and make quick access easy.
  • 3D Air Mesh - Very soft three-dimensional mesh adapts perfectly to the body even in motion without abrasion on skin and teeshirt. With large hole, it is very breathable and comfortable. Ideal for lightweight trailrunning fitted packs.
  • 4-Way Stretch Mesh
  • Stretch Knit
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