30mile Hardmoors 55 training run

Hardmoors 55 Ultra Marathon Training - Assault on Round Hill

My final big run before my first ‘proper’ ultra marathon, the Hardmoors 55 on 21st March 2015.

The route took me out of Harrogate along some nice trails through Oak Beck and Cardale Wood and across the B6161, through Haverah Park and past Beaver Dyke Reservoirs to the Sun Inn.

Crossing the B6451 and back into the woods dropped me down to Swinsty Reservoir where I took the North Shore path and across Fewston Embankment. From here I took a footpath through Beecroft Moor Plantation and headed into Great Tinmble.

I then picked up Lippersley Ridge at the South West corner of Great Timble and began the climb up to the Cairn at Round Hill.

The return route pretty much followed the outward route with a few minor changes mainly to pick up a bottle of water from the ice cream van in the car park at Swinsty Moor Plantation and cutting out a mile at the end by following the road to Penny Pot Lane rather than dropping back into the woods and round.

Felt really good until the last 5 miles and then started to suffer with dehydration.

Well within my target pace of 10 mins a mile for the event but it was only just over half the distance. With proper fueling and making sure I stay hydrated I’m feeling confident for the day itself.

Total distance: 29.6miles
Moving time: 4:30:09
Pace: 9.07/mile
Elevation: 2236ft
Fastest mile – mile 9 : 6:34
Slowest mile: – mile 15 : 11:58

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